Concept Art Prints

Concept art is an illustration that conveys an idea - suggests what’s on our mind and create this impression using pictures.  

I have been using watercolour artwork to digitally create personalised pictures for you within specific themes:

Togetherness Prints – Create the suggestion of being together with our loved ones in a picture 

Home life prints – An impression of your home life 

Lyric Art  -  Celebrating songs and lyrics with a nod to great musical artists. 

Gaelic Wording – Wording added in Gaelic or Scot’s dialect is keenly welcomed and always encouraged 

Landmarks – Landmarks (mainly from Edinburgh) recreated into watercolour 

The list goes on with more ideas coming soon.  

Personal Orders and commissions available.  Please get in touch to discuss your needs

Prints available in sizes A4.  Framing available on request at additional cost

Much of the watercolour illustrations are created by Cheng Jing, Corner Croft Art and used with permission and under licence.  Artwork recreated from photographs taken by myself and Willie McVicar, Caledonia Rex.  Design and production by Leanne R. McVicar