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Has your best jewellery lost it’s shine? Let me polish that up for you!  

Bring me your jewellery or metal possessions that are in need of a wee bit TLC and I will have them gleaming again with a deep clean and polish.  Also, suitable for glasses / eye wear, waterproof watches and wearable fitness bands, tools, CD discs 


It is a shame when jewellery we love gets broken or becomes worn. I will try my hardest to repair and restore your loved pieces, returning them back to their original condition. Please get in touch if you have something in mind. 


If you have a cherished photograph that has become worn or damaged in time, let me create a remastered copy, taking away any scratches or blemishes you want to see passed. 

I can also add colour to an original black and white photo or create a black and white or sepia photo from an original coloured print.  Electronic copies or hard prints available me to discuss your needs. 

Prices vary photograph must be your intellectual property or you have editing permission of the photographer before re-mastering can take place.