2Tone / Ska / Reggae - Lyric Art

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2Tone / Ska / Reggae - Lyric Art

Thanks to the release of This Town, One Love and Back to Black on telly and in the pictures we are having a wee revival of 2Tone, Ska and Reggae.

Ska is associated with people coming together and bringing the best out in each other. Standing up and speaking out for one another, the lyrics became our voice and spoke our united language.

I’ve not gone too deep with this lyric art but can recreate your favourite words if you prefer (from any song).

1. Walt Jabsco & Bridgitte Bond Ska'd 4 Life
2. 2 Tone label Ska'd 4 life
3. Enjoy yourself ~ Carl Sigman
4. Ghost Town ~ The Specials, Lyrics by Jerry Dammers
5. Ruder Than you ~ The Bodysnatchers
6. Ska Ska Ska - Byron Lee & the Dragonaires
7. Uptown Top Ranking ~ Althea & Donna, Lyrics by Errol Thompson & Joe Gibbs
8. Lip Up Fatty ~ Bad Manners
9. You Can Get It If You Really Want ~ Jimmy Cliff

There is never a dreich day when reggae and Ska are playing.

Unique concept watercolour prints with a nod to great musical artists and their beautiful songs. Let me know if you have any other songs in mind.

Printed on A4 silk 250gm Card


Framed Print are subject to additional cost and postage
Production & design by L. R. McVicar, Rhiannon's Enchantment