Witches Ball

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Witches Ball

Witches Ball's, sometimes known as Spirit Balls or Faerie Balls, were hung near a window or doorway and used as protection against evil spirits, curses and ill fortune and ward of negativity.

It was believed that if an evil spirit came lurking around your home, they would be enticed by the ball and mesmerised by the contents within also if they showed no reflection you would know they were not to be trusted. Sailors valued the powers of a witch ball to protect their homes and families while they were at sea.

These Witch balls are full of dried flowers and natural herbs such as salt, rosemary, lavender, camomile, jasmine, rose sage, thyme, lemon leaf and many other beautifully scented pieces. Held together charms on a chain and hung by a jute tie. The lid can also unscrew to smell the beautiful bouquet inside.